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Health Inequalities Fund Guidelines
for Basildon and Brentwood

Deadline 13th May 2024 

Health Inequalities Fund application form 2024-25

Health Inequalities Fund Guidance and Criteria 2024-25 – Final

Brentwood Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) and Basildon, Billericay and Wickford CVS have partnered with The Mid and South Essex (MSE) Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) to administer the local Health Inequalities Fund in 2024-25. The ICP Strategy sets out the common endeavour of reducing inequalities together. Health inequalities are the avoidable differences in health and care outcomes that exist between different groups within our society. This funding opportunity will help to provide support for a wide range of projects and programmes to tackle health inequalities and the wider determinants of health.

In this work, we recognise certain key groups who are especially disadvantaged, as expressed in the Core20PLUS5 approach

The main objective of the Health Inequalities funding is to support projects that take an innovative and collaborative approach to reducing health inequalities and the unwarranted variation that exists.

The aims of the Health Inequalities Fund 2024/25 are as follows:
• Improving population health and health care
• Tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access
• Enhancing productivity and value for money
• Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development.

To achieve these aims it is the intention of the fund to:
• seek innovative and collaborative approaches to the delivery of high-impact measurable changes in equality across Basildon and Brentwood, seeking to address the underlying causes of health inequality at a local level.
• target and reach out proactively to our most deprived communities, plus groups that align with the clinical priorities for adults, children and young people.
• develop solutions that are population focussed – breaking down barriers between statutory and non-statutory organisations and the residents they serve.
• strive to be financially sustainable.
• be delivered during 2024/25.
• embed robust evaluation that identifies the outcomes and impact of the health inequalities funding including case studies for sharing across the system and nationally


No minimum or maximum.


Any non-profit voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisation operating across Basildon and/or Brentwood boroughs. Local authorities and businesses supporting voluntary sector are also eligible to apply to this fund.

Applications are accepted both online and via word document and will be open until all funds are exhausted.

This funding programme is to support projects or initiatives, both new and existing, that address health inequalities and the wider determinants of health within your local area. Health inequalities refers to the differences in the care that people receive and the opportunities that they have to lead healthy lives. Health Inequalities grants could therefore be focused on
reducing differences in:
• health status, for example, life expectancy
• access to care, for example, availability of given services
• quality and experience of care, for example, levels of patient satisfaction
• behavioural risks to health, for example, smoking rates
• wider determinants of health, for example, quality of housing, employment,
environment, training, and education.
They could also be focused on supporting individuals or groups that may experience poorer
health outcomes due to:
• socio-economic factors, for example, income, level of deprivation
• geography, for example, region or whether urban or rural
• specific characteristics including those protected in law, such as sex, ethnicity, or
• socially excluded groups, for example, people experiencing homelessness.

For more information on work to reduce health inequalities in Mid and South Essex (includes
Basildon & Brentwood) please see

1. Confirm you meet the application criteria above.
2. Apply online by following this link – or via word
3. The local CVS will quality-check the applications for submission to the panel.
Applicants may be contacted for clarification or missing information.
4. The local funding panel will meet monthly to review applications and provide an approved/declined outcome. The panel consists of representatives from Basildon District Council, Brentwood Borough Council, Public Health, Brentwood & Basildon Alliance and NHS Clinical Lead. Basildon, Billericay & Wickford CVS and Brentwood CVS assist the panel, but do not have decision making powers.
5. The panel decision is final.
6. Successful applications will be contacted to discuss due diligence checks, payment schedules, required support, and monitoring expectations which will formulate a grant agreement including any terms & conditions.
7. Complete the signing of the grant agreement and administer funds.
8. Monitoring required on completion (or agreed timescales) of the project to share outcomes and impact.


If you would like to access support to complete your application, please contact

Arsen at [email protected] if you are based in Brentwood.

Pippa at [email protected] if based within Basildon.