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The Fun Walk

John Baron, the Member of Parliament for Basildon and Billericay, started the Fun Walk with his team in 2002 to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. In 2013 the Fun Walk became a registered Charity, and it is now officially known as The Fun Walk Trust (Registered Charity number: 1151626).

The BONUS POT is a unique feature of the event, into which local businesses and individuals kindly donate and which is then distributed to participating organisations on a pro rata basis, based on the monies they themselves raise in sponsorship.

The event is not confined to charities, any good cause or project may join us once approved by the Trust. For example, many pre-schools and schools, churches and community groups now regularly participate.

BBW CVS was appointed in 2019 to organise the event on behalf of the Trustees. BBW CVS organises the walk leaving the projects free to focus on raising sponsorship money and enjoying the event.

Normally the event is held at Barleylands Farm, Billericay, but for 2020, in the light of the challenges presented by COVID-19 and the recognition that our local charities and good causes needed help more than ever, the decision was made to hold a virtual event that ran through September.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and our ability to hold an in-person event still in doubt, the event will stay virtual in 2021.  Participants will be able to do their 2-5 KM walk anytime during September.




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