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BBWCVS are working in partnership with Essex County Council and Colchester CVS to set up and create a Timebank for the Basildon Borough

What is a Timebank

Timebanking differs from traditional volunteering in that time is exchanged between people directly rather than via an organisation.
Timebank members will agree to both give and receive help. When members give help (to another member), for each hour that they give, they receive 1 time credit. When members receive help, for each hour that they receive, they spend 1 time credit.

What can I do in a Timebank

You could:
• Help someone with DIY
• Walk someone’s dog
• Befriend an elderly or disabled member
• Help some learn a language

And much more.

If you are you are interested in joining our TimeBank please contact Jessica on 01268 294420 or

Timebanking and Benefits – A good practice guide

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